SUMMER FUN: Splash Pads in Southern California

Summer Fun: Splash Pads in Southern California!

Summer Fun: Splash Pads in Southern California

Splish splash I was taking a bath!  I mean taking my kids to our local splash pad for some fun!

Where else can you go on a beautiful summer day that is free on most occasions and refreshing?

This summer several communities across the southland have designated certain areas in their cities as cool down stations.  Cool down stations are designed to help families ward off the heat when it reaches a certain temperature and becomes unmanagable.  Your local splash pad is sometimes one of those stations.

Summer Fun: Splash Pads in Southern California

photo credit: JJ Harrison

According to Wikipedia, a splash pad is a recreation area, often in a public park for water play that has little or no standing water. This is said to eliminate the need for lifeguards or other supervision, as there is little risk of drowning.

However, I highly recommend that parents always keep a close eye on their children when playing at a splash pad.  In fact, Los Angeles County requires a one on one ratio per child and adult.

With all the water flowing it can get very slippery, very fast.  Therefore, a good pair of water shoes goes a long way in this situation.

Summer Fun: Splash Pads in Southern California

photo credit: Davy Landman

So this summer when you just can’t take the heat anymore, pack a picnic lunch, put on some SPF 30+ and head on out the door to your local splash pad.  Don’t forget the lawn chairs too.  Seating can be limited.

Summer Fun: Splash Pads in Southern California

photo credit: Project Manhattan


Aidan’s Place, West LA (free)

Alondra Community Regional Park, Lawndale (free)

Annenberg Beach House, Santa Monica (the splash pad outside the beach house is free)

Azalea Regional Shopping Center, Los Angeles (free water play pad)

Coldwater Canyon Park, Beverly Hills (free man made creek)

Douglas Park, Santa Monica (free water play in their skate boarding area during the summer)

Grand Park, Downtown LA (free)

Glenoaks Park, Glendale (free children’s wading pool)

North Hollywood Recreation Center, N. Hollywood (free for kids / $2.50 per adult)

Pacific Community Park, Glendale (free)

Panorama Recreation Center, Panorama City (free)

Stoner Park, West LA (kids are free / $2.50 per adult)

Sylmar Park, Sylmar (kids are free / $2.50 per adult)

Veterans Memorial Park, City of Commerce (free children’s wading pool)

Virginia Avenue Park, Santa Monica (free)

Summer Fun: Splash Pads in Southern California

photo credit: Battle Creek CVB


Adventure Playground in Huntington Beach ($3 per child or adult / 2 and under are free)

Atlantis Park, Garden Grove ($2 per child or adult / 2 and under free)

Brenner Park Tiny Tot Wading Pool, Buena Park (free for parents and children 6 years and younger)

The District’s Pop-Up Fountain, Tustin (free)

Harry M. Dotson Park, Stanton (free)

Heritage Park, Irvine (free)

Irvine Spectrum’s Pop-Up Fountains, Irvine (free)

Lauren Spray Pool, Buena Park (free)

Lemon Park Spray Pool, Fullerton (free)

Pioneer Road Park, Tustin (free)

Sigler Splash Pad, Westminster (free)

Valencia Park Wading Pool, Fullerton (free)

Walnut Grove Park, Anaheim (free)

Summer Fun: Splash Pads in Southern California

photo credit: Glogger


Cucamonga-Guasti Regional Park, Ontario (pricing varies, zero depth water play park)

Deleo Sports Park Botanical Themed Splash Pad, Corona (free)

Doty Trust Park, Riverside (free)

Jerry Lewis Family Swim Center, San Bernadino ($1.00 – $3.00 per person, wading pool and rain forest)

Lake Gregory Regional Park, Crestline (pricing varies, they have a zero depth water play park)

Lake Skinner Splash Pad, Winchester ($6 per vehicle)

Palm Springs Aquatics Center’s Splash Pool, Palm Springs ($2.50 – $4.00 per person)

Rancho Jurupa Park Splash Pad, Jurupa ($2 per child / $5 per adult)

Summer Fun: Splash Pads in Southern California

photo credit: Day1dan


Buelow Park, San Marcos (free)

Cottonwood Creek Park, Encinitas (free)

Eastwood County Park, Bonita ($3.00 per person)

Hilton Head County Park, El Cajon ($3.00 per person)

Lakeview Park, San Marcos (free)

Las Posas Sprayground at The Cerro de Las Posas Aquatics Facility, San Marcos ($2.50 – $3.00 depending on the day)

McCarthy Family YMCA Splash Pad, La Mesa (call for details)

Mulberry Park, San Marcos (free)

Mountain Hawk Park, Eastlake Village (free)

San Elijo Park, San Marcos (free)

Santee Lakes Splash Park, Santee ($2.00 per person)

Sunset Park, San Marcos (free)

Summer Fun: Splash Pads in Southern California

photo credit: Nevit Dilmen


Casitas Water Adventure, Ojai (a little bit pricey, but fun)

Oak Canyon Community Park, Oak Park (free)

Pleasant Valley Aquatic Center, Camarillo ($3 per person)

Rancho Tapo Community Park, Simi Valley (free)

Happy Field Tripping,


DISCLOSURE: This post is for informational purposes.  All points of view are my own.


  1. says

    Me too! We are going to hit up Pioneer Park at least once this summer and the one in Westminster is on the top of our list too. Thanks for the comment Ann!

  2. char says

    in hawthone there’s the holly glenn wading pool free. its tiny though great if you’re local and have very young kids.

  3. Susan says

    Lovely list unfortunately with the horrible drought we are experiencing, I heard many splash pads will not be operating this summer!


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