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This is a question I am often asked when I am either leading or planning a field trip or helping to promote a venue’s event across social media.  I thought I would take a moment to answer that question.

SoCal Field Trips is a blog dedicated to active families who enjoy adventuring out of the home and into the world of hands-on learning.  “Field Trips” is our middle name!  Whether exploring the beautiful landscape of Newport Beach’s Back Bay to learning about the history of the Berlin Wall at The Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, we are dedicated to introducing our children to the vast array of fun and exciting learning opportunities throughout Southern California and beyond.


SoCal Field Trips’ vision is help advance the knowledge that field trips are an important part of every child’s learning experience!

Most people learn through:

5% – 15% of Verbal or Written

10% – 20% Visual

40% – 50% Visual and Verbal

60% – 70% Discussion

90% of what you experience

Dr. Nancy Tobler’s 194 meta-analysis of 143 school based curriculum

When children look back upon their most memorable moments in school they often recall a field trip experience.  For example, one of my favorite memories as a child was when I went on a field trip to San Francisco with my 4th grade teacher.  Mr. Fifthian had the unique ability to combine classroom learning with real life.   Walking across the Golden Gate Bridge at the age of 10 is an experience I will never forget!

If you live in Southern California, you live in what I like to call “The Field Trip Capital of The World!”  There are so many wonderful learning opportunities for families and schools here it is endless.  Take that one step further and travel the world with your children, your family’s learning possibilities are never ending.

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My name is Jilleen and I am the founder of SoCal Field Trips.  I personally come from a long line of field trip planners.  As a child, my mom and aunt were very passionate about exposing their children to different people and places.  Some of my favorite memories were visiting the Isleton Crawdad Festival in Isleton, watching The Bass Derby Parade in Rio Vista and following Humphrey The Whale news sightings.

Prior to field trip planning, I was a Professional Singer and Speaker.  In my “pre-kid” life, I released three Christian music albums and traveled the globe doing what I love the best.  Experiencing different cultures and places.  However, in my “post-kid” life, I decided to stay home and raise a family.

Fast forward a few years later, I became the Field Trip Coordinator for an amazing homeschool organization called Celebration Education.  It happened by chance, when a woman named Windi noticed that I was planning field trips for my own children on Facebook and inviting others to join along.  She then proceeded to ask me to join Celebration Education and help plan field trips for their organization.  It was a match made in heaven!


Meet Jilleen!  Lifestyle Travel Blogger at

Jilleen Butler is a Lifestyle Travel Blogger with

Meet Mr. SoCal Field Trips!  He is my biggest supporter and advocate of what I do.


Meet Field Trip Girl!  My daughter loves all things about the ocean and space.  She enjoys visiting The Aquarium of The Pacific and The California Science Center.

SEA LIFE Aquarium is your child’s first interactive guide to the life of the sea, combining active hands-on learning with fascinating educational talks, and up close encounters with sea creatures including sharks, octopus & rays!Meet Field Trip Boy!  My son is my science guy and enjoys visiting The Discovery Science Center and The Reuben H. Fleet Science Center.

After filling up on pizza and cookies, Suzanne introduced us to one of the butchers in the meat and seafood department. It was interesting to learn that Bristol Farms only serves fresh meat in their stores. There is no frozen meat anywhere.

Meet Field Trip Dog!  Field Trip Dog (AKA Dexter) is a rescue puppy that we got from a local animal rescue organization.  Field Trip Dog was surrendered by his previous owner who could no longer care for him.  Apparently, he was also mistreated.  Field Trip Dog was 5 months old at the time that we got him, but now he is a healthy, happy 1 year old pup with a big bright future ahead of him!

Field Trip Dog with SoCal Field Trips

In closing, we hope you come to know SoCal Field Trips as a reliable source for amazing field trips and fun family outings throughout Southern California and beyond.

Happy Field Tripping,


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laura smith

Thursday 23rd of April 2015

Thank you for this great site! When I started my mom career I took full advantage of exploring our lovely region. I just don't get why so many mom's use season tix to Dland as their routine outing. We used Amtrak as much as possible btwn OC, LA and south too. Your site is a lot easier than the books I had at the time.


Thursday 23rd of April 2015

Thank you Laura for your post! It is always inspiring to hear from readers who enjoy the website and find it helpful. I remember those "book" days too. In fact, I still have one that I reference from time to time to find cool places to visit. :)

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