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Field Trip Guide Collection

Make the most of your field trip with our Field Trip Guides designed for school groups and homeschoolers.  Use these versatile before, during and afterwards activities to design a focused learning experience for your students.  Any of these guides can be used for in person or virtual field trips!




Right now, for a limited only, you can purchase our entire Field Trip Guide Collection for only $10!  That’s over 50% off!  This deals includes our Field Trip Journal and our four field trips guides to the beach, zoo, art museum and aquarium.  The normal price for this package is $20.  However, with this deal you only pay $10!  Hurry, though!  This special is only available for the next 10 minutes!

Field Trip Form

Here is a list of the guides that are included in the bundle and also available for individual sale for $4.99 each.

Field Trip Journal

Our Field Trip Journal can be used for any field trip venue and adds structure to your visit.  The activities included are fun and engaging and usually takes about 30 minutes.

Beach Field Trip Guide

Making your next trip to the beach enjoyable as well as educational for your children is easier than you think!  It’s just a matter of exploring and making use of the beach’s natural environment.  Use this fun Beach Field Trip Guide to practice, introduce or learn a variety of key skills and subjects including: math, science, geography, and history.

Field Trip Printables

Art Museum Field Trip Guide

Guide your students through an art exhibition with engaging conversation starters and activities using our Art Museum Field Trip Guide.  Encourage their curiosity in cultures and the natural world as they examine artwork and artifacts on display.

Zoo Field Trip Guide

Bring your students to the zoo for an adventure that will ignite their imagination and build on classroom learning.  Our Zoo Field Trip Guide helps students stay focused and participate in activities while at the zoo.

Aquarium Field Trip Guide

Our Aquarium Field Trip Guide provides guided questions to encourage conversation, connects students to the animal collections on display and list activities to keep your students actively learning. 

California State Coloring Book

Featuring 20 of the most popular and scenic cities in California including San Francisco, Sacramento, Monterey, Los Angeles, San Diego and more.  The California State Coloring Book is full of unique and educational images to color and help you learn about the history of this great state!

Use crayons, colored pencils, or markers to color the page.  Whichever way your students decide to color this California Coloring Book, let their imaginations run wild!

Nature Scavenger Hunt For Kids

We’ve gathered great clues for a Nature Scavenger Hunt For Kids to liven up your next walk in the woods, visit to the park or nature preserve. Pack a picnic, lace up your shoes, and head outside to explore. When children learn to appreciate and enjoy nature, they are more likely to grow into adults who value our environment.


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