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The #1 Moving Tip with Allconnect

This post is a sponsored by Allconnect.  All opinions are my own.

Compare and connect all your utilities at one time with AllConnect

Experts say there are four major events that cause the most stress in life – getting married, having a baby, death of a loved one and moving.  Moving is definitely on the top of my list!  Three years ago when I moved to my new home, I thought I was going to lose my mind.  My never-ending list of responsibilities grew by leaps and bounds.  That’s when I wish I had all Allconnect, the hassle-free way to hook up your Internet, TV, Electricity, and more.

Allconnect is the best way to search for, compare, and connect your home’s essential services.  Their hassle-free search, 24-hour telephone support, and integration with over 200 service providers helps you order or switch your TV, high-speed Internet, phone, electric, gas, or other services at your convenience, with a single online visit or phone call.

Let me ask you a question.  The last time you moved, how many hours did you spend on the phone setting up your utilities?  2 hours?  5 hours?  Perhaps even 10?  Either way, it’s a lot work.  The last time I moved, I spent approximately 6 hours on the phone talking with various customer service reps, being placed on hold and pitched a variety of products I didn’t even want.  The companies tried to nickel and dime me left and right.

But not anymore!  The next time I move, I am using Allconnect.

Compare and connect all your utilities at one time with AllConnectWith Allconnect, I can set up all my basic utilities online for FREE and save myself hours of frustration.  When you type in your address Allconnect will instantly gather the utility plans and providers available to you in your area.  For example, where I live in Southern California, there are only three television companies that service my area – COX, DIRECTV and dish.

Compare and connect all your utilities at one time with AllConnect

What I like even better is that Allconnect not only showed me the names of the companies, but their different service plans.  Now I have the full picture to make an informed decision.  Then, after you pick a service plan, the company will contact you directly to set up installation.  It’s that easy!

So save yourself hours of frustration unlike me and enjoy your new home thanks to Allconnect!

Kimra Bettasso

Wednesday 9th of March 2016

Thanks for the info, I hadn't seen this company before your post. How do the rates compare to what you're paying now. For me it looks like I could save a few bucks per month.