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Care Bears Love to Learn Application Review


*** Available on July 3, 2014 ***

My daughter and I recently had the opportunity to review a new ipad application called Care Bears Love to Learn, the first early learning app developed by the creators of the iconic, classic children’s brand, The Care Bears!  Care Bears love to learn and kids will too with this fun new app featuring the classic bears who care.

Care Bears_app

Did you own a Care Bear when you were child?  I remember when I was in third grade I asked Santa Clause for my first Care Bear for Christmas.  However, I also wanted a Rainbow Bright.  My parents made me choose between the two and I decided I wanted a Care Bear the most.  Come Christmas morning when I woke up, I was excited to see that Santa Claus had brought me both.  He was very jolly that year, I suppose!

The Care Bears Love to Learn application delights children as they play along with their favorite Care Bears in a series of fun and educational mini games and puzzles designed to help children learn to count, identify colors, shapes, and letters while sharpening cognitive and motor skills.

My daughter, Field Trip Girl, is a novice when it comes to the ipad.  Just like any other 4 year old in growing up in today’s technological society.

Ella on field trip

Field Trip Girl

Field Trip Girl knows how to turn it on, control the volume, move within all the apps and take funny pictures.  Some of the pictures I find on my ipad are hilarious.

It took us approximately five minutes to download the Care Bears Love to Learn app which is fairly quick in my opinion.


Field Trip Trying Out The Care Bears Love To Learn

When I purchase an app for my kids I like it to come with many activities to keep them engaged and entertained.  Care Bears Love to Learn definitely meets this goal.

Care Bears Love to Learn comes with the following activities:

1. Counting sweet treats with Share Bear. 

Since my daughter can already count to twenty, this part of the application was a little too young for her.  However, it is perfect for children ages 2-5 that are just learning how to count or for a special needs child that needs additional reinforcement.


Field Trip Girl Counting Sweets

2. Building shapes with Grumpy Bear

Field Trip girl struggles with visual processing which makes putting puzzles together a non-preferred task for her.  At first, when Field Trip Girl attempted to make the puzzles she got frustrated.  However, after a little bit encouragement and prompting from mom she mastered them.

3. Care Bears card matching memory game with Love-A-Lot Bear

Field Trip Girl put all of the matching cards together very quickly.  She played this part of the app multiple times.  It makes me think I need to pull out all of our old matching games.


Field Trip Girl Playing A Care Bear Matching Game

4. Identifying colors in Share Bear’s garden

Again, Field Trip Girl zipped right through this part of the app because she already knows all of her colors.  However, for children ages 2-5 who do not know their colors yet, this is a great way to reinforce what they are learning in school.

5. Matching objects with Funshine Bear

This game helped Field Trip Girl work on her visual processing skills as well.

6. Music making with Harmony Bear

Field Trip Girl comes from a long line of musicians in her family.  Mommy loves to sing and so does Field Trip Girl.  Therefore, when Field Trip Girl found Making Music with Harmony Bear, she played it over and over again.

We especially enjoyed watching Harmony Bear make a sour looking face when Field Trip Girl played a music note he didn’t like.  It was cute.


Field Trip Girl Making Music With Harmony Bear

7. Learning letters with Tender Heart Bear

The Learning letters with Tender Heart Bear game is most appropriate for children who are in preschool and kindergarten.  It too makes for another great reinforcer for children with special needs.

Field Trip Girl’s favorite part of the entire Care Bears Love to Learn app was the ability to earn prizes along the way as she mastered each level.

She got to choose from a wide variety of Care Bears stickers to put in her virtual sticker book.  She also got to customize her sticker book by choosing from a variety of backgrounds.  For my daughter, who loves stickers and is motived by a token rewards system, the Care Bears application was a win-win.


Field Trip Girl Earning Stickers in the Care Bears Love To Learn App

Overall, my daughter played Care Bears Love to Learn for approximately 20 minutes before moving onto another app.  This was success in my book!

Care Bears Love to Learn is available for download on July 3.

Happy Field Tripping,


Disclosure:  We received a free download of the Care Bears Love to Learn app in exchange for doing a review.  However, all remarks and comments are our own.  Images used by permission.