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How To Clean Your Child’s Retainers

This is a sponsored post by Valpak.

It all began with the dredded phrase “your child needs braces!”  In the heat of the moment, all I could think about was dollar signs and financing options.  I wasn’t quite sure how my husband and I were going to afford the orthodonic care that my son needed for a healthy smile.  Yet, after a few deep breaths and a long phone conversation with my husband, we planned ahead and came up with a way to pay for it.

Now that my son has completed phase one of his orthodonic treatment program he has to wear retainers every night at bedtime.  The only problem?  He doesn’t remember to clean them.  That’s where Efferdent comes in!

Learn how to clean your child's retainers with this one creative tip!

How To Clean Your Child’s Retainers

Typically Efferdent is used to clean and whiten dentures.  It’s the first and only denture cleanser tablet brand accepted by the American Dental Association (ADA).  But did you know that Efferdent is also a very effective way to clean your child’s retainers?  That’s because Efferdent’s 5 in 1 cleansing system kills 99% of odor causing bacteria, removes stubborn stains and reduces plaque build-up which lives on retainers.

Since I’ve introduced Efferdent to my son, he no longer complains about having to clean his retainers.  Instead, he likes to watch them fizzle in the water.  Personally, I think it’s similar to watching a volcanic reaction.  Heck, whatever it takes to get my tween to clean his retainers, I’m all for!

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So, how do you teach your children good oral hygiene habits?  Since I’m always looking for new tips, please share your creative ideas in the comment section below.  I look forward to reading them.