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Seal’s Newest Album ‘7’ Triggers Memories of Unrequited Love

I participated in the 7 album review program as a member of One2One Network.  I was provided an album to review, but all opinions are my own.  #Seal7  #O2O


I am a product of the early 90’s.  So is Seal.   Ever since he came on the music scene with his Top 10 hit ‘Kiss From A Rose’, I have been a fan.  His beautiful, yet raspy like voice, serenades the listener to a higher plane.  Seal’s newest album ‘7’ is no different.  It reminds me of his past R&B style albums.  Hence, ‘7’ is a return to the Seal of the nineties when he created polished albums with high quality tracks from start to finish.

‘7’ addresses the breakdown of Seal’s marriage to world famous model Heidi Klun.  You can painfully hear the sadness in Seal’s voice during the opening ballad ‘Daylight Saver’ when he sings,

You and I were like the weather
You and I, like sun and rain
White flag I surrender
Maybe now we’ll find a way
But we’re not still together

Seal explores all the ups and downs, the nuances and every aspect of love in ‘7’.  ‘Every Time I’m With You’ personally triggered a memory for me of when I was in a past relationship, but the feelings were not mutual.  Back and forth we went for years in a roller coaster of emotions, until finally I pulled the plug.  That’s how much I relate to the lyrics of the song.



Thankfully ‘Life on the Dancefloor’, picks up the tempo a bit more and reminds me of kicking off my shoes and dancing with my now husband of 13 years at my wedding.  The upbeat rhythm is just enough to inspire you to dance, but not too intense that you want to sit it out!  It is the best moment on the album.

Track List:
1-Daylight Saving
2-Every Time I’m With You
3-Life on the Dancefloor
4-Padded Cell
5-Do You Ever
6-The Big Love Has Died
7-Redzone Killer
9-Half A Heart
10-Let Yourself

Seal’s ‘7’ is available now nationwide on Warner Bros records.  It is one album you will definitely want to download and ponder.