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Summer Bingo Game With Free Printables

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What are some of your family’s favorite summer activities?  My family loves to go to the beach, make summer crafts, visit a local waterpark or play outdoor games together.  We also enjoy playing this fun Family Summer Bingo Game!

Do you ever get tired of hearing your kids say “I’m bored” during summer vacation?  I do!  My kids are experts at it!  Printable games are wonderful for keeping kids off their devices and help fight the summer boredom blues.  

Family Summer Bingo Game with Free Printables

While it’s important for kids to have down-time so they can learn how to entertain themselves when they’re bored, it’s also useful to provide them with some games and activities to help them along.   There’s actually a name for this.  It’s called guided play, a form of play where children explore within an environment that has been prepared by adults.  

On the surface, guided play often looks like free play, so it can be difficult to tell them apart just by watching what children are doing.  In guided play, adults choose play materials that encourage a certain kind of exploration, or ask open-ended questions at key moments to help shape children’s choices or push children to think about what they are doing. 

I like to put together a bunch of easy activities for those moments when my kids have ‘nothing to do’.  This includes a stack of library books, board games, coloring books, markers, stickers and this free printable Summer Bingo Game.  I put them all in a small basket and wah-la, the end to summer boredom!

All you have to do is download and print these free Summer Bingo Printable Cards.  There’s no prep work, they’re easily stored, and you can use all sorts of trinkets for the board pieces.  Since it’s summer themes, I think these popsicle erasersflamingo candy  and beach ball stickers are perfect!

Heck, you could even take this Summer Family Bingo Game along with you on a road trip or use as a quick time-filler at a stop over.


This Summer Bingo Game can be printed in black and white, but they do look really fun with that ‘pop’ of summer color.  You can download them here!

Free Family Bingo Printable

Summer Bingo Page 1

Free Summer Bingo Printable

Summer Bingo Page 2

Free Summer Family Bingo Game

Summer Bingo Page 3

Family Summer Bingo Game

Summer Bingo Page 4

Happy Summer!


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