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Where To Go Horseback Riding Near Orange County

Western boots with spurs that go jingle jangle? A cowboy hat and chaps? You’re ready to jump on your trusty stead and out into the sunset. Wait, you don’t need to be a cowboy or cowgirl to enjoy horseback riding in Orange County.

Instead, head out to a horse stable for fun horseback riding experience. Orange County has a bevy of horseback riding opportunities, and here’s a look at 10 outstanding locations to go horseback riding in and around Orange County.

Head out to a horse stable for fun horseback riding experience. Orange County, California has a bevy of horseback riding opportunities. So here's a look at 10 outstanding locations to go horseback riding in Orange County!

Horseback Riding Near Orange County, California

Country Trails and Riding School

Enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery as you travel the outdoors by horseback at Country Trails and Riding Schoolin Orange. Whether you’re an experienced rider or a beginner, you’ll have a blast aboard one of the majestic horses. The smell of leather and sounds of the saddle will make you feel like you’re a modern-day cowpoke.

Guided tours take you along groves of oak trees and open areas at Irvine Regional Park. As you enjoy the great outdoors, check the scenery for wildlife and birds. Country Trails limits tours to six riders, and you must wear long pants or jeans as well as boots or sneakers (no open-toed shoes).

Tours feature horses, such as American Quarter and thoroughbreds. With rescued draft horses available, tours can also accommodate people who weigh 275-330 lbs. While they may look intimidating because of their size, draft horses are gentle giants. Children must be at least 7 years old to ride.

Fun with Horses

If you’re a newcomer to horseback riding, Fun with Horses offers riding lessons in both western and English style. Good for adults and children, alike, families can spend quality time together learning about their horse, and then how to properly mount and ride. While you won’t hit any backwoods trails, you’ll appreciate the pen experience, and be ready for a full-ride adventure in the future.

Horseback riding in Orange County California

Horse Play Rentals

Offering riding lessons for both children and adults, Horse Play Rentals in Huntington Beach offers clinics to learn horsemanship and riding skills. From weekly lessons to weeklong classes, children learn horse anatomy, feeding and grooming, as well as riding.

Adult lessons meet weekly over four weeks, and include horse behavior and basic riding skills. You’ll practice what you learn as you enjoy a horseback ride along the ranch’s trails. 

Blue Ribbon Saddle Club

Enjoy an hourlong horseback ride around Newport Back Bay with Blue Ribbon Saddle Club in Newport Beach. Using their own horses, Blue Ribbon offers guided tours, which usually include 4-6 people, with the youngest riding age around 7 years old.

Riders need to wear long pants and closed-toe shoes. With 1,000 acres of park land, including wetlands, you’ll traverse unique trails featuring impressive scenery.

Horseback Riding in Orange County

Newport Mesa Riding Center

Focusing on children, the Newport Mesa Riding Center offers horseback riding lessons. With training targeting horsemanship and, eventually, riding skills, the center seeks to take children from beginners to becoming an advanced equestrian. Lessons take place in the arena. Children are encouraged to wear long pants and boots, along with a safety helmet.

Surfside Ranch

While outside of Orange County, Surfside Ranch near San Diego offers guided beach and trail horseback rides. As you ride along the ocean’s edge on the beach, look for marine life, such as dolphins or whales. You can even take the horse for a ride through the water (if they’re willing).

During the trail ride, you may encounter local wildlife or take in the views of beautiful birds. The fun thing about taking a Surfside tour is that you don’t ride in a straight line; however, you must always stay behind your guide. Riders must be at least six years old, and children under 8 require a lead line. Dress appropriately for riding, and helmets are strongly recommended.

Where to go horseback riding in Orange County

Palos Verdes Stables

When you schedule a horseback tour with Palos Verdes Stables in Palos Verdes, they’ll pair you with the perfect horse. Guided tours take 45-90 minutes consist of up to 10 riders and are led by an experienced rider. Covering Palos Verdes Peninsula’s scenic trails, you’ll see panoramic water views and impressive landscapes. Riders must be at least six years old. Riders also need to wear long pants and closed-toe shoes. 

Horseback riding is one of the most fun activities you can do as a family! The adventure takes you into nature and offers everyone a chance to ride a horse. What could be better?

If you’re interested in different style of horseback riding, consider visiting one of Orange County’s equestrian centers for horseback training and riding skills. As you mount your steed, you can always daydream of being a cowboy or cowgirl. Ride ‘em, Cowboy!

Happy Field Tripping!