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Attend Homeschool Day at BubblePOP in Tustin

SoCal Field Trips is proud to announce that in 2020 we are hosting several Homeschool Days at various locations throughout Southern California including LA, Orange County, the Inland Empire and San Diego.  Whether it be a museum, local theme park, nature center or other homeschool-friendly location,  SoCal Field Trips’ Homeschool Days bring local homeschool families together for a day of fun and learning. 

Homeschool Day at BubblePop in Tustin

Homeschool moms and dads can be confident that they are attending a top-notch event, while enhancing their child’s education through live shows, hands-on learning and out-of-the box thinking.  Parents can also check off some of the learning requirements for their charter school by attending one of our events.

Homeschool Day at BubblePOP in Tustin

SoCal Field Trips’ first Homeschool Day is at BubblePOP in Tustin on Friday, January 31 from 1:00 – 3:00 pm.  Bubbles!  We all know how fascinating they are, evoking happy memories of blowing and chasing the mystical orbs with our friends.  A bubble’s fragile nature, beautiful rainbow colors, and ability to soar through the sky make them universally fascinating among kids. 

Homeschool Day at BubblePop in Tustin

Join us at BubblePOP in Tustin on January 31 for a unique indoor interactive bubble experience for all ages!  Experience more than 10 different bubble stations including the bubble power, creating a bubble tower, getting inside a bubble, mad bubble party, and dry ice bubbles.  Each STEM activity allows you and your children to experience bubbles in a new and interactive way.

Homeschool Day at BubblePop in Tustin

Homeschool Day at BubblePop in Tustin

Then attend the Science Behind Bubbles Show presented by Mad Science of South Orange County.  The show is a fantastic trip into the world of bubbles!  What’s the science behind (or inside) a bubble?  Bubbles provide the opportunity to study science concepts such as elasticity, surface tension, chemistry, light, and even geometry.  Your kids can engage in science processes such as observation, investigation, and discovery, simply by watching the show!  Afterwards, pick up a gift bag (one per registered child) to take home and continue your study of bubbles at home!

Homeschool Day Orange County

The Price of Admission Includes:

  • 10 STEM Activities
  • The Science Behind Bubbles Show (presented by Mad Science of South Orange County)
  • Stand Inside A Gigantic Bubble
  • Make Your Own Bubble Wand Art Project
  • A Goodie Bag (one per registered child)

Homeschool Day at BubblePOP Ticket Prices

Reservations are required to attend Homeschool Day at BubblePOP in Tustin on Friday, January 31 from 1-3 pm.

Tickets prices are as follows:

You can purchase tickets for Homeschool Day at BubblePOP here.  All attendees are required to purchase a ticket and complete a BubblePOP waiver.  There is a small service fee per ticket sold. 

Tickets will not be sold onsite or on the day of the event.  Sorry, no refunds are available.  For further questions, please email Jilleen Butler at [email protected].

BubblePOP is located at 2475 Park Ave, Tustin, CA 92782.  

We look forward to seeing you at Homeschool Day on January 31!

Happy Field Tripping!


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Friday 10th of January 2020

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