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Book Your Next Babysitter With Bambino


This is a sponsored post by Bambino.

As a homeschool parent, I’m no stranger to taking my kids all over Southern California and beyond.  But every now and then, there’s an occasion where I can’t bring them along and I need to find a trustworthy sitter.  

If I want to be able to enjoy myself when I leave the kids at home, it’s incredibly important to me to feel confident that my children are safe and well-cared for by someone who is attentive and trustworthy.   Of course, we’ve had some wonderful sitters in the past, but they aren’t always available at the last minute or during busier times of the year.

Recently, Mr. SoCal Field Trips and I decided to go out to celebrate his birthday, just the two of us.  I used the Bambino app to find a sitter for the occasion and was pleasantly surprised by how easy the process was.

Couple having dinner at an Italian Restaurant

What is Bambino?

Bambino is a virtual community where parents and sitters can connect with each other.  The app is incredibly user-friendly and allows parents to browse qualified, peer-reviewed and background-checked sitters right from their phone.  It’s location-based, so many of the sitters are from the same city or even neighborhood that you are searching from.

Local babysitting app

How To Use The Sitter App

Setting up an account with Bambino is easy and goes in this order:

  1. Sign up for an account using your phone number or an existing Facebook account.
  2. Add in your payment info.  You can also purchase and use Bambino gift cards if you don’t like saving your payment information in apps.
  3. Browse sitters in your area, read reviews and sitter bios, and pick a sitter based upon your personal preferences.  Each sitter has a personal bio with photos, pricing, experience level, age preferences, reviews, ratings and more.

Bambino also categorizes their sitter based on age and qualifications.  They have four different levels of sitters:

  • Junior Sitter (13-15 years old)
  • Standard Sitter (15-18 years old)
  • Advanced Sitter (18 years plus)
  • Elite Sitter (18 years plus and fully background checked)

Whether you’re looking for a Junior Sitter to help engage with your children when you just need an extra pair of hands at home or an Elite Sitter for an overnight trip – or anything in between – Bambino makes it easy to find someone to meet your needs.

Babysitters listed on Bambino App

For our night out, I chose an Elite Sitter named Becky who is highly rated, is a nurse, and has experience with special needs care.  Her rate was incredibly reasonable for her experience level and her profile was overflowing with recommendations and five-star reviews.

 Babysitter's profile on babysitting app

I felt very comfortable filling out the booking request, sending it over to Becky and introducing her to my children the day of.  When it came time for our night out Becky was not only punctual, articulate and kind, but also jumped right in and did a science experiment with my daughter.  Now, that’s a brave babysitter!

Woman from Bambino playing with a little girl and toys

Over the course of the evening Becky played games with my daughter, read books to her, made dinner for both of my kids and even cleaned up the dishes.  She also took my daughter outside for a short night walk to see the stars – something my daughter loves to do!

Woman from Bambino playing with a little girl and toys

When it came time to pay our sitter, Bambino made the process easy.  I just tapped the button to end the session and paid right through the app using my saved payment method.

Check out process with Bambino Babysitting App

I could not have asked for a better experience finding and hiring a sitter for a date night with my husband.  Bambino made things simple, saving me a lot of time and energy and giving me peace of mind knowing my kids were happy, safe and cared for.  Bambino also made it possible for me to celebrate Mr. SoCal Field Trip’s birthday without any stress!

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To learn more about Bambino and how book your first sitter through the app, visit

Happy Date Night!