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Best Tips For Staying Healthy This Winter

I’ve partnered with Procter & Gamble and Source Naturals as part of an Influencer Activation and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Being a busy mom of two, I’m always on the go.  “Always” is my normal.  Not only do I homeschool my daughter, but I also frequently plan homeschool field trips for students and run a successful online blog for families in Southern California.  With all that’s required of me as a mom, wife, teacher and business owner, I must stay healthy for everyone who needs me.

So, here are the top things I do to proactively support my health, especially in the wintertime and now that it’s the New Year.

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

I get 8 hours of sleep a night.  I know we’ve heard it before, but the right amount of sleep for the average adult is around seven to eight hours a night.  A good night’s sleep helps with memory, reduces the risk of disease, and boosts your immune system.
Even as an adult, I like my bedtime routine!  I go to bed at the same time every night and get up at the same time every morning.  This helps with my internal clock, otherwise known as your circadian rhythm.  I also get more accomplished throughout the day if I keep to my regular sleep schedule.

Exercise Is Key

Despite getting enough sleep, some days I still feel overwhelmed with all the responsibilities on my plate.  When this happens, I like to take a break and go for a brisk 30-minute walk.  This helps me deal with stress relief too.  Even when I travel for work, I make it a point to bring my sneakers and hit the pavement!  After a few quick strolls around the neighborhood, my mind is clear and I’m able to focus on the task at hand.  
This summer was especially memorable as I walked around downtown Bentonville, Arkansas and saw all the beautiful art murals.  Not only did I get some exercise, but I also met a few locals in town and chatted up a storm!

Take A Daily Supplement or Two

When my son was a baby I learned about importance of digestive health.  He was frequently irregular and fussed a lot.  His naturopath recommended that I give him a probiotic to normalize his digestive track.  Since it worked for him, I thought I would try it too. 

Several years later, I discovered that they now make a probiotic that also has a prebiotic in it.  This is brilliant I thought since prebiotic fiber is helpful in increasing the good bacteria that already lives in your digestive track. 

I personally take Align Dualbiotic Gummies as a prebiotic + probiotic supplement.  Aligns’s gummies are naturally flavored and contain less than 1g of sugar per gummy.  Having both a pre and probiotic in one is helpful, and the results seem to be a settled system.

Source Naturals® Wellness Formula® is also another helpful daily supplement that I like to take.  It contains a high-potency vitamin C plus 25 more key nutrients and time-tested herbs all in one product.  The Wellness Formula® supports my immune system, especially during cold weather and physical stress, and is formulated to boost overall well-being.

The vitamins and herbs found within the Wellness Formula also encourages normal mucus production in your respiratory system, keeps white blood cells healthy from free radicals, promotes a healthy response to stress, and supports a healthy respiratory system.  That’s a lot of health benefits packed into one tiny bottle!

Increase Your Fiber Intake

As I’m getting older, I find it harder to get enough fiber in my diet.  Blame it on traveling, being out and about with my family, or whatever else you may, I simply forget to eat the daily recommendation of 5 to 13 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.  That’s why I turned to the #1 doctor recommended fiber brand Metamucil to increase my daily fiber intake and eat Metamucil Fiber Thins as a part of my overall diet.

Their delicious crunchy fiber thins provides 5 grams of fiber with just 100 calories per serving (4 g total fat).   They also help satisfy my hunger when I’m on the road a lot or leading a long field trip.  Metamucil Fiber Thins also contains 20% of the daily recommended value of fiber.

Stock Your Pantry with Winter Essentials

As we all know, winter is the hardest season to stay healthy.  Of course, I wash my hands frequently, avoid getting “run down”, stay away from others who may not feel well and get enough rest.  But it’s still not 100% foolproof.  

So, when I do get something like a sore throat, I take Vicks VapoCOOL SEVERE drops to help ease the discomfort.  Vicks VapoCOOL Lozenges has 33% more medicine (Versus VapoCOOL HydraSoothe Drops) and uses targeted intense cooling and powerful numbing treatment to vaporize your sore throat pain right where you need it.  Specifically the menthol, which is a powerful numbing agent, tackles my sore throat and provides immediate relief.  Solace is the name of the game with Vicks VapoCOOL SEVERE drops!

What are some tips and tricks that you use during the winter season to help stay strong and healthy?  Please share your ideas in the comment section below.  For my best tip, I recommend shopping at Walmart or heading to for all of your immediate and long term health needs this season!

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