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Brainzy is the perfect supplemental reading and math program for #homeschooling!


Recently, Field Trip Girl and I had the opportunity to review’s new online program for young learners called Brainzy.  The name alone was enough to catch my attention!

Brainzy is a first-of-its-kind game program for young kids from the team at  The online program, aimed at children ages 3-7, teaches math and reading through more than 300 games and activities.

The program allows up to three children to play at a time, making it an excellent tool for home school educators. 


Brainzy was developed using rich data gathered from the 20 million worksheets downloaded each year at, and is also aligned with the Common Core standards for early reading and math.  The game follows a methodical, building-block path created to spark curiosity, giggles, and grins while building more than 30 critical reading and math skills.

It was super easy to register Field Trip Girl on their website , select a cute icon for her and get her started.

This year First Trip Girl is in Kindergarten, so I started her off playing the Kindergarten games.  What I like about Brainzy is that parents can choose which level they want to start their child on from Pre-K to Kindergarten to First Grade.

Plus if your child has already mastered a certain skill level, then you can simply move them up to the next grade level whenever you want.  There is no need to wait around until they finish one level to move onto the next.  Homeschoolers will like this fact too.

The first activity Field Trip decided to work on was the letter “O”.  Since she is just learning how to read, this was the perfect opportunity to give her some extra practice in the areas of sound and word recognition.

First, Brainzy showed Field Trip Girl the letter “O” and repeated the vowel sound numerous times.  Next, Brainzy played a few cartoons of words that contained the letter “O” in them.  Finally, Brainzy had Field Trip complete an activity where she clicked and dragged any pictures that contained the letter “O” sound into the middle of the screen.


After she completed the “O” activities, she moved onto another game that had her select which book belonged in which backpack.  She could choose from either the “A” sounding backpack or the “O” sounding backpack.

When I asked Field Trip Girl her opinion of Brainzy she smiled and said, “It is fun. Can I do it again?”  Anytime a five-year old asks to do something again, you know its’ a big hit!

BONUS TIP: Brainzy can also be played on the iPad.

Brainzy makes for a great holiday gift for a homeschool family or a parent who is looking for additional math and reading fun for their child.

Sign up today and try Brainzy FREE for 7 days!  Don’t love it?  Cancel and pay nothing.  To learn more visit here.

Happy Learning,


Disclosure: SoCal Field Trips received a complimentary Brainzy trial to help facilitate this post and contains affiliate links.  All opinions are our own.  Images used by permission from Brainzy.