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How To Make An Easy Wind Chime Craft For Kids

The post is brought to you in part by Chick-fil-A.  #ChickFilAMomsDIY

Learn how to make an easy wind chime craft for kids

Recently, as a member of the Chick-fil-A 2015-2016 Moms Panel, I was challenged to create a recyclable craft out of a Chick-fil-A container.  So after having the new Chick-fil-A Spicy Southwest Salad for lunch, I decided that the container it came in was the perfect shape and size to create an Easy Wind Chime Craft for Kids!

Learn how to make an easy wind chime craft for preschoolers out of a recyclable Chick-fil-A salad container.

The history of wind chimes finds its origins in prehistoric times.  Hanging objects from a branch and watching them sway is an ancient pleasure.  Early wind chimes were made out of hanging seashells or stones that clashed together.  Today wind chimes are constructed out of different types of materials such as bamboo, metal or ceramic.  They are beautiful to watch in the wind as they sway.

How To Make A Homemade Wind Chime Craft for Kids

To make a homemade wind chime for kids you will need the following items:

  • 1 – recyclable plastic salad container lid
  • 4 – medium size bells
  • 8 – large threading beads
  • ribbon
  • red glitter paint
  • paint brush
  • scissors
  • tacky glue

Learn how to make an easy wind chime craft for kids

This first step to making a do-it-yourself wind chime craft is to paint the top of the plastic lid with red glitter paint.  I used Crayola washable kids’ paint because it’s non-toxic.  However, you can use acrylic paint if you are working with older students.  I also decided to paint the inside of the lid white to help offset the translucent appearance.

Learn how to make an easy wind chime craft for kids

Learn how to make an easy wind chime craft for kindergarteners

After you paint the lid, cut four pieces of ribbon approximately 12 inches long, and thread the large beads and bells through the ribbon.  I then used tacky glue to seal the ends of the ribbon to prevent the bells from falling off.

Next thread each ribbon through the top of the plastic container and tie a knot.  Just make sure to balance out the weight of each bell prior to tying the knot.

Learn how to make an easy homemade wind chime craft for kids

Easy wind chime craft for kids.

Now you are ready to hang up your new wind chime either indoors by a breezy window or outdoors on the patio to enjoy.

Happy Crafting!


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