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Tips For Eating On The Go With Nathan’s Famous Hotdogs

My family is always running, here, there and everywhere!  Despite today’s challenging times, we’re doing our best to keep our kids happy and safe.  This includes making sure they have enough food in their bellies to do virtual learning and for my kids, enough energy to go to their outdoor sports practices, musical rehearsals and tutoring.
My son is always hungry!  Besides being a growing a teenager, he’s also a competitive cheerleader and works out at the gym five hours a week.  Plus, he likes to ride his bike to and from practice.  With all this energy, he burns a lot of calories.

Nathan's Hotdog

When he’s in need of a quick snack in between practices, I like to swing by my local Walmart Supercenter and pick him up a Nathan’s Famous Hot & Ready Hot Dog.  They’re deliciously hot and ready to go at the deli counter. 

As a mom, I like the fact that Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs are all original, made with 100% premium beef and contain no artificial flavors or colors, and no by-products.

My son loves to get a Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs and put his favorite toppings on top, which consist of ketchup and mustard.  If we have time, he might add a dash of relish too.

As a member of a traveling cheer team, my son has eight cheerleading competitions across the United States a year.  The competitions last for hours and are quite intensive.  They compete against two to ten other teams in their division.  The music is loud, the crowd is on fire and the judges are sharp in their critiques.  Afterwards, the winning team goes home with a group trophy and team jackets.

Boy jumping in front of Walmart with a Nathan's Hotdog in his hand.

After an intense competition my son doesn’t have the energy to go a restaurant and wait in a mile long line to get a seat.  Instead he’s tired and wants to go back to the hotel room and rest.  I don’t blame him!  I get tired just watching him perform on stage and supporting him from down below in the spectator section.

That’s why Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs are perfect for this occasion.  I can run into Walmart, pick up a Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs, grab a bag of chips and a drink and 1,2,3 – dinner is done!   So, whether you’re looking for a quick snack, lunch, dinner or meal on the go, Walmart has you covered. 

I’m grateful to Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs for providing my son with all the energy he needs to attend weekly cheer practice and cheer competitions.  

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