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15 Paper Plate STEAM Activities for Kids

When it comes to teaching STEM concepts, you don’t have to go out and buy a lot of materials. Using paper plates to create STEM activities is easier than you think. You can use them to do just about anything!

Whether you’re using them as a fun craft in your unit study or to teach your kids about the sun and earth, there’s a paper plate STEM activity that will work for you!

Are you looking for a fun STEAM activity for kids? All of these STEM activities use paper plates as the base for the activity so that way you can focus on using materials you already on hand to create a fun and engaging activity for kids!

15 Paper Plate STEAM Activities for Kids

All of these STEM activities use paper plates as the base for the activity so that way you can focus on using materials you already have no hand to create an engaging activity for kids!

These steam activities also work great for any age group. Even toddlers will love crafting with paper plates!

These activities are also great for extended learning or work as a complete lesson plan. So, here are 15 paper plate STEM activities that you can start right away!

Paper Plate Astronaut Craft

Your kids will love this out-of-this-world astronaut craft!

Paper Plate Sun Craft

This sun craft is simple, easy, and great for kids of all ages.

Wheel Of The Year 

Teach your children about the seasons using this season spinner.

Earth Day Paper Plate Craft 

Learn about the earth and have some messy fun with this simple earth day craft.

Paper Plate Dinosaur Craft 

Make your very own dinosaurs with the help of cool and creative craft.

Rocking Shark Paper Plate Craft 

Learn about sharks and other ocean animals with the help of this paper plate craft.

Paper Plate Eskimo Craft

Learn about living in cold climates and Eskimos with this fun and educational craft.

Stained-Glass Paper Plate Tambourines

Your kids will love making this beautiful musical tambourine using paper plates.

Poppy Paper Plate

Make your own poppies out of a paper plate with this adorable paper plate craft.

Simple Paper Plate Marble Maze

This fun STEM activity can be made with a few straws and a paper plate!

Blow Art Paper Plate Lion

Make a beautiful paper plate lion using blow art with this fun craft.

Butterfly Life Cycle Paper Plate Craft

Learn about the life cycle of a butterfly with this interactive and educational craft.

Paper Plate Bird Craft

Make your own bird that moves with this creative bird craft.

Circuit Maze STEM Activity

This light-up circuit maze is the perfect hands-on STEM activity to make with your kids.

Paper Plate Rainbow Craft

Make a beautiful rainbow using this simple paper plate rainbow craft tutorial.

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