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LA County FairKids Field Trip Program

Are you looking for a unique field trip for your homeschool group or classroom? Then check out the LA County Fair's Field Trip Program! The best part is that admission and parking is free for any public, private or homeschooler in preschool – high school. Teachers and chaperones are free as well.

Going to your local county fair is a great way to get more educational bang for your buck!  At the fair children can learn all types things such as how to grow a garden (agriculture), how to milk a cow (husbandry), how to make a bottle rocket (science) or attend a music concert (creative arts).

Recently, the LA County Fair announced that they are accepting field trip reservations for the 2019 fair season!  The best part about attending an LA County FairKids Field Trip is that admission and parking is free for any public, private or homeschooler in preschool – high school.  Teachers and chaperones are free as well.

2019 LA County FairKids Exhibits

Are you looking for a unique field trip for your homeschool group or classroom? Then check out the LA County Fair's Field Trip Program! The best part is that admission and parking is free for any public, private or homeschooler in preschool – high school. Teachers and chaperones are free as well.

This year’s LA County Fair’s field trip dates are set for August 30 – September 22.

FairKids Field Trips are on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday throughout the season.  If you’re looking to beat the crowds, the first week of FairKids has the lowest attendance.

The LA County Fair opens three hours early at 9 am on field trip days for children to participate in controlled fun and educational activities related to agriculture, art, science, literature, California heritage, and life on a real farm.   All fair exhibits aligned with California State Department of Education standards are open during FairKids Field Trips.  Curriculum is grade-level and subject specific so they fit easily into existing classroom goals and objectives.

2019 FairKids Field Trips will offer old favorites such as The Farm, Mojo’s Wild & Crazy Lagoon and The Big Red Barn while offering new exhibits to be announced in mid-May.

Here’s a sample of past LA County FairKids exhibits:

The Rock Candy Factory – The Science of Rocks & Candy

Candy shops have long been an essential part of the great American road trip.  Science and history will come alive as you explore its role within pop culture, gems and minerals, rock candy and more.

Haunted 66 – The Museum of Halloween

This is the Halloween Super Show you don’t want to miss, complete with an interactive Halloween art and educational exhibit in a maze of rooms, weekly Featured Frights, Makeup Transformations, Haunter’s Corner and Haunted Carnival Games.

The Millard Sheets Art Center Presents Alt 66

The exhibition will feature unique immersive environments designed for guests to experience Route 66 in essence and variations of its historic landmarks and roadside attractions. Experience Route 66 in up to twenty different exhibitions that share the interesting, odd, weird, and kitsch that has come to define the most iconic road trip for travelers around the world.

America’s Kids: Adventures in Literature

Some of the greatest adventures ever told take place on the pages of a book. Imagine if those adventures came to life! With America’s Kids’ Adventures in Literature you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into an enchanted library where giant books, costumed characters, colorful props, and hands-on activities come together to create a literary adventure of your very own.

Garden Railroad: Ride through California History in Minature

Did you know that the fair’s miniature railroad has been a Fair exhibit since 1924? This attraction, which has more than 30 individual operations running at one time, is maintained and operated by year-round dedicated volunteers and is one of the oldest and largest public Garden Railroads in the U.S. with over 10,000 feet of operating track.  Follow the garden path and you’ll learn how the railroads played an important role in California History, depicted along the miniature railroad.

Flower & Garden Pavilion: Wonderland: A Floral Fairy Tale 

The experience begins from the moment you walk up to the Flower & Garden Pavilion.  Take a trip down the Rabbit Hole and be transported into anotherdimension in Wonderland: A Floral Fairy Tale!  As soon as you step foot into this exhibit you will be dwarfed by the giant displays paying homage to Lewis Carroll’s enchanting novel, Alice in Wonderland, with hundreds of beautiful flowers and plants around every corner. 

Heritage Mission – Life as an Early Settler

Get a glimpse of what life was like growing up in the early days of settlers in this new exhibit in THE FARM. Learn about California’s history as you go back in time in this interactive exhibit filled with some of the most beloved professions of our past. Visit with the blacksmith, leather maker and reenactors of days gone by.

Railgiants Historic Trains

Step inside some of the largest steam engines and diesel locomotives in the world, at RailGiants, where the LA County Fair houses some of the world’s most distinctive historical trains! These unique trains will intrigue students and help to demonstrate the impact of railroads on California’s early history and industry. Examine our authentic historical train depot built in 1885, explore real dining and sleeping cars, and even blow the whistle in a giant engine.

America’s Great Outdoors

Explore exhibits that teach about protecting, respecting, and most importantly, connecting with nature and the animals that call it home. Start your journey at the Ranger Station with an introduction to the site and the agencies who manage these special places. The Ranger Station is your first stop for maps and information. Meet foresters and rangers whose job is to preserve, protect, and manage our public lands. Visit with the native reptiles of Southern California; see if you can find our state reptile – the protected desert tortoise. Get to know California native plants and animals and immerse yourself in the history of the West.

NHR Motorsports Museum

The NHRA Motorsports Museum features seven galleries of one-of-akind handmade automobiles. The stories the museum tells are exciting real-life examples of the principles of a balanced education that embraces STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics).

The Big Red Barn: Animals, Animals and More

The LA County Fair has added a plethora of new interactive activities in the barn including stage shows with their very own cowboy Sky Shivers.  They’ll also have many of your favorite old activities back as well; guests can milk a goat, pet more than 150 animals, learn about sheep’s wool, and learn about a Zonkey (donkey and zebra) and Zorse (horse and zebra).

Mojo’s Wild & Crazy Lagoon

Grab your safari hat and imagination as you visit Mojo’s Wild & Crazy Lagoon.  Their resident capuchin monkey, Mojo, is excited for you to visit her home on Monkey Island, where she has her very own lagoon and jungle gym! Ducking beneath the vines as you enter you will be greeted by her many friends in Fiona’s Jungle Perch, Lemur Lair, Peacock Paradise, The Grasslands, Spike’s Reptile Territory, Iggy’s Insect Encounter, Kangaroo Cove and the Enchanted Village. Along your journey be prepared to learn fascinating facts about each and every one of our enchanted animals. Keep your eyes peeled and smart phones handy and you can scan QR codes in every area throughout the lagoon. Quick facts, extensive descriptions and even video will be at your fingertips!

The Farm

The Fair’s five-acre organic working farm features more than 150 California specialty crops. This is where learning, growing and sustainability are combined in one area. Don’t miss the unique hands-on agricultural adventures!

How To Register For An LA County FairKids Field Trip

Are you looking for a unique field trip for your homeschool group or classroom? Then check out the LA County Fair's Field Trip Program! The best part is that admission and parking is free for any public, private or homeschooler in preschool – high school. Teachers and chaperones are free as well.

It is very simple to set up a field trip to the LA County Fair.  Simply visit the FairKids Field Trip website and click the link for the type of group you are planning a field for.  You may select from either public, private, or home school, grades PK –6th grade.

Simply fill out the form, print your email confirmation and bring it with you the day of your field trip.   Please note, no more than 2 adults per 1 student are allowed on the field trip.  If additional adults want to go they have to purchase a full price weekday ticket to enter.

LA County Fair’s Free Milk For Students Program

You might also want to take advantage of the fair’s Free Milk For Students program where students receive a complimentary bottle of white or chocolate milk while in attendance.  More info coming soon.

I hope you have a fantastic time at this year’s county fair.

Happy Field Tripping!


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Friday 6th of September 2019

Hi, Our private school runs K-12th grade. In the past all students were able to come. Has it changed that our 7th-12th graders are not able to come this year? Thanks.


Saturday 7th of September 2019

That is correct. It only goes up to 6th as far as I could tell and researched.


Wednesday 5th of September 2018

We have visited the Fair for several years past and loved it! Do you know if they are still signing up trips for homeschoolers? I don't see any link for a special homeschool sign up on the fairkids website. And the public school K-6 and 7-12 grade trips are apparently completely booked. Thanks for any info.


Wednesday 5th of September 2018

Hi! They do not have a specific homeschool day this year. Sorry.

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Friday 10th of August 2018

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Thursday 24th of August 2017

For chaperones who will be meeting our school at the fairgrounds, is there anything we need to provide to ensure that they receive free parking? What do we need to request in advance?


Thursday 24th of August 2017

Hi! This is a question you need to call the fairgrounds for.


Wednesday 16th of August 2017

Is the read to ride program going on this year?


Thursday 17th of August 2017

Yes! Here is all the information that you need.