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15 Easy Pumpkin STEM Projects For Kids

Do you love pumpkins?  Do you get pumpkin fever this time of year?  If you want to do more with pumpkins than just carve them or make pumpkin muffins, check out our guide to 15 Easy Pumpkin STEM Projects For Kids.  These pumpkin activities are easy to do and don’t require any specialty items, just pumpkins and a few pantry ingredients or craft supplies.

Are you looking for a fun pumpkin science experiment to do with your kids or classroom? Check out these 15 Easy Pumpkin STEM Projects For Kids! From making pumpkin oobleck to exploding pumpkin volcanos, there's bound to be at least pumpkin science project every child will love.

From making pumpkin oobleck to building a pumpkin catapult to exploding pumpkin volcanos, there’s such a large variety of projects that every child will have their favorite.  So, the next time you’re at the pumpkin patch or local grocery store, pick up an extra pumpkin or two and get creative with one of these awesome pumpkin science projects for kids.

15 Pumpkin STEM Projects For Kids

Easy pumpkin science experiment for kids.

Pumpkin Volcano for Kids – Natural Beach Living

Baking soda volcanoes are a science must! Make it pumpkin’d theme!

Toddler Halloween Science Experiment using pumpkins

Fizzing Pumpkin Patches – Lemon Lime Adventures

Combine baking soda science and sensory play in this captivating activity for kids.

super easy pumpkin science experiment for kids using a pumpkin and yarn

Pumpkin Geoboard – Danya Banya

Work on your little one’s fine motor skills with this fun project.  This project will take some guidance due to the use of hammer and nails but the result is worth it!

Easy Pumpkin STEM project for kids

Super Fun Pumpkin STEM Investigations – Life Over Cs

Pumpkins can be used in science, but the life cycle and production of pumpkins is science itself. Help your little ones understand these concepts with this fun investigative activity.

easy pumpkin and halloween science experiments for kids

Pumpkin Catapults – Preschool Powol Packets

Use pumpkins to create and put together your own mini catapults this fall! This activity will entertain the kids for days.


Pumpkin Boats Fall Sensory Play – Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls

Do pumpkins float? Find out with this simple sensory play perfect for any fall afternoon.

easy pumpkin art project for preschoolers

Baking Soda Painted Pumpkins – Inspiration Laboratories

Get the baking soda back out to combine art and science! These painted pumpkins make such cute art to hang up and are created with familiar science.

Pumpkin Oobleck Recipe For Halloween

Pumpkin Oobleck – I Can Teach my Child

Combine corn starch, water, and pumpkin to create your own oobleck which isn’t a solid or a liquid! Take this chance to talk about solid, liquid, and gases with your little ones.

halloween salt crystal science experiment for kids

Salt Crystal Pumpkins – STEAMsational

See ionic bonds, evaporation, and crystals in action in this simple pumpkin project.

Pumpkin Science Experiment for Preschool

Growing Pumpkins in Pumpkins – Life with Moore Babies

Discover the science behind planting and growing by using pumpkins to grow your own!

easy pumpkin science experiment for preschool

Magic Melting Pumpkins – Gift of Curiosity

This project combines practicing fine motor skills and science in an experiment that the kids will go crazy over.

how to make pumpkin slime recipe

Pumpkin Slime – Sugar Spice and Glitter

Make your own pumpkin slime with real pumpkin parts!

Pumpkin Jack Rotting Science Experiment – Little Bins Little Hands

This simple rotting pumpkin science experiment allows kids to observe and make notes. Teach them to be little scientists this fall.

easy halloween stem project for kids

Pumpkin Lava Lamps – Science Sparks

Make your own jack-o-lantern pumpkin in this interesting science project. Kids will love to shut off the lights and admire their new creations.

Melting Halloween Play Dough – Mommy Evolution

Not only does this activity include sensory play, but the “magic” behind it will keep the kids entertained for awhile. Create your own jack-o-lantern and watch it melt!

If you are looking for even more fall inspired activities for kids, be sure to check out the fun posts below.  And if you decide to make any of these 15 Easy Pumpkin STEM Projects For Kids or any of our inspiring crafts or activities found on the blog – be sure to share a picture on our Facebook page for all of us to see!

Happy Crafting!