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15 Spring STEM Activities for Homeschoolers

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My daughter loves doing STEM projects (science, technology, engineering and math)!  So much so, that one moment you’ll find her building a science kit in the backyard, while another minute she’s playing with Magnatiles in her bedroom.  She also enjoys taking STEM classes on and attending a twice-a-week local STEAM program for homeschoolers.

15 Spring STEM Activities For Homeschoolers

I like to support my children in all of their efforts, especially when it comes to science and engineering.  That’s why I picked these 15 Spring STEM Projects for Homeschoolers to help keep little scientists engaged, learning and well-prepared for the 21st century.  Not only are these spring science experiments good for homeschoolers, but they’re also great for classrooms, scout troops and after school clubs.

And if you’re looking for even more science activities, try these additional 25 Easy STEM Activities For Homeschoolers and 13 Outdoor Science Experiments For Homeschoolers!

Happy STEM-inventing!


Color Changing Flowers Science Experiment

Color Changing Flowers Science Experiment – Fun Learning for Kids

This color changing flowers science experiment is really easy to do and the kids love watching the flowers change color. It is the perfect science activity for spring!

Investigating flower bulbs nature study for homeschoolers

Spring Bulbs Nature Study with Kids – Rainy Day Mum

Pick which aspects you want to teach your kids and focus on exploring bulbs and the flowers they produce with this Spring Bulb Nature Study activity.

How to make rainbow slime

How to Make Fluffy Rainbow Slime – STEAMsational

If you’re looking for the perfect sensory activity, this fluffy rainbow slime recipe is the best and so easy to make!

Seed Germination Science Experiement

Seed Germination – Will the Color of the Egg Affect Seed Growth? – JDcaniel4’s Mom

See if the color of an egg will affect the growth of a seed inside through this fun Science project.

Bug Hotel Spring STEM project

Build a DIY Insect Hotel for Kids – Little Bins for Little Hands

Build a simple bug house, bug hotel, insect hotel or whatever you want to call it for your backyard! Take Earth science outside and explore the world of insects with a DIY insect hotel.

How to make a caterpillar out of grass

Grass Caterpillars – Red Ted Art

You can grow these super cute giant garden caterpillars with a pair of old tights and some grass seed!

Easy outdoor preschool science experiment

Easy and Fun Garden Preschool Science Experiment – Engineer to Stay at Home Mom

This fun and easy activity is a great way to work on counting from 1 to 13. Kids will learn what the best environment is a seed to grow, inspired by a favorite book!

Water compensation science experiement for kids

Water Cycle in a Bottle – Fun with Mama

If you need a cool water cycle activity to do for Earth Day, try this water cycle in a bottle activity!

Mushroom Science Experiment For Kids

Growing Mushrooms with Kids – Practical Self Reliance

Getting your kids involved with growing mushrooms can be a great way to expose them to life outside the plant and animal kingdoms.

Parts of a flower dissection experiment

Daffodil dissection :: Parts of a Flower Lesson – Nurture Store

Learn about the parts of a flower through a daffodil dissection experiment.

Outdoor dirt science experiment for homeschoolers

What Lives in Dirt? A backyard Science experiment – Go Science Kids

A fun Science experiment that allows kids to get their hands a little dirty, while learning about the things that live in the dirt.

Soda Bottle Green House Science Experiment

STEM: Soda Bottle Greenhouse – STL Motherhood

Let your kids get their hands dirty with a little biology and recycling today! Put an entire ECOSYSTEM in a soda bottle and watch it grow!

Floating egg science experiment for kids

Floating Eggsperiment – Teach Me Mommy

Do this simple floating “eggsperiment” with your young kids to explain water density and add a little science “magic” to your day!

How to grow lettuce from a lettuce stump

How To Regrow Lettuce from a Stump – Pink Stripey Socks

Have you ever tried growing food from scraps? Did you know that you can also grow romaine lettuce from a lettuce stump?

Classic Egg Drop Science Experiment

Egg Drop Contest – Growing Play
Create the strongest “nest” for your egg so that your egg remains intact after dropping it from different heights.

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