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Things To Do In San Diego With Teens

San Diego lies south of Los Angeles and is a welcome getaway place for Californians and out-of-state residents. June is the start of summer vacations for many teens, and with its mild temperatures, it is a pleasant time for many outdoor activities in San Diego. If you are looking for something more intellectual, you can visit the many public civic centers in the area. As the summer heats up, look to a cool theatre.

San Diego Beaches Activities Are The Best Way To Spend The Day

There are 11 public beautiful beaches in San Diego, plus many more miles of beach within San Diego County, along with state beach campgrounds, and private and public areas. To get there, San Diego best beaches have marked parking or parking on public streets. Each city beach has its own rules for swimming, surfing, and scuba diving, depending on the safety of each area. With the mild June temperatures, your visit to the beach can be an all-day activity. As the summer gets rolling, more people will be traveling down to the sand so scout out an early spot for any afternoon lunches on the beach.

Things to do with San Diego with Teens
credit: Coronado Beach by J. Mast

Historic Houses Are Great For Older Kids

Visiting and touring the historic sites or maybe a historical house can be a welcome change from all the summer outdoor activities for teens. The downtown San Diego History Center is the focal point for finding information on where to go for visiting historical houses, viewing old photographs of the city, and purchasing historical artifacts all relating to San Diego.

Things Do With Teens in San Diego
credit: San Diego Museum Council

Equestrian Activities Are Fun Things To Do

San Diego retains its old-time feel with the many communities that welcome horses in San Diego County. With the May and June months marking the end of the school year, the summer is a great time to introduce your teens and children to horseback riding. Horse camps and daily lessons can be purchased for both kids and adults, with many farms providing saddles, crops, and another tack for rent. With San Diego only being an hour’s drive from Orange County, you can go horseback riding in this beautiful part of the state as well.

Where to go horseback riding in Orange County

Theatre and Cultural Centers

San Diego shows off its artistic side with its art galleries that are open to the public, and local theatrical performances. San Diego has natural history and science centers, and special centers specializing in maritime and locomotive travel, and air and space.

Things to do in San Diego with Teenagers
credit: San Diego Museum Council

Teens Activities For A Family Vacation

June marks the beginning of summer, and there are many places to celebrate that in the city of San Diego. One example is a visit to The Marie Hitchcock Puppet Theater located in Balboa Park. Every year, from June until the beginning of school, kids and teens of all ages can see different performances with featuring puppets and their puppeteers during special summer hours. 

For free activities throughout the city, visit any of the San Diego Library city branches for a schedule of all the activities planned for kids. Activities change all the time but can range from story time to crafts, and concerts at the library.

Activities For Teenagers in San Diego
credit: Balboa Park

Famous San Diego Zoo Is One Of The Most Favorite Things

Did you know that San Diego is possibly the 6th best place to live in the United States or that the first panda baby born in the United States, that reached adulthood, was born at the San Diego Zoo?

You don’t want to miss visiting San Diego Zoo, especially if you’re a tourist. It might be a never returning occasion that you don’t want to regret later. The Zoo it’s more like a park than a “traditional” zoo, where you can spend a whole day visiting all the interactive exhibits and attractions or take part in the hundreds of available activities. 

You can join a Safari Tour with a bus, or check what the park looks like from up above in the air while soaring down on an overhead zipline. There are so many things to do there, for people of all ages, that allocating a day to visiting it will leave you with an unforgettable experience.

Things to do with teens in San Diego

Museums Are The Best Things For Family Fun

Did you know that there is a museum month in San Diego? Many major cities have a month dedicated to museum visits and San Diego is no exception. With a long-established tradition, February is officially Museum Month. This month, major cultural and historical locations, even in Temecula, can be visited with a 50% discount on the entry fees. 

If you happen to be in San Diego in February, take advantage of this occasion. Regardless of the time of the year, museums are on the must-visit list for tourists and local people alike. My personal favorites are the Maritime Museum, which happens to have the largest collection of old ships in the U.S., and the aviation museum, whose official name is the San Diego Air and Space Museum, where you can even sit in for a 4D movie.

San Diego things to do with teens
credit: San Diego Public Library

Seaworld San Diego Is A Favorite Spot Amongst Teens

Yet again, this destination is much more than an oceanarium and promises hours of fun, animal encounters and amazing things to see with your teens. At San Diego SeaWorld, you can get as close as possible to some of the sea’s mesmerizing and odd creatures. You can interact with belugas, and watch sea lions, dolphins, or killer whales performing and if that is not enough, there are the thrilled-packed roller coaster rides that you can try. SeaWorld is a great marine life theme park and a whole-day experience, for the whole family.

San Diego Things To Do with Teens

Cabrillo National Monument Is A Good Place To Visit

For those who want to connect with history, the Cabrillo National Monument must be included in the visiting destinations in San Diego. The view from here is spectacular and if you happen to be there in winter you might witness a killer whale migration. Do not forget your camera home, as the views from the Cabrillo Monument must be captured. This destination is ideal for a relaxing trip. Don’t expect thrilling attractions, but be prepared to be mesmerized by the beauty of the area.

Hiking around Cabrillo National Monument

Old Town San Diego Is One Of The Best Places

This place is known for its culture. There are plenty of Hispanic restaurants that carry authentic burritos and salsa. Old Town San Diego is home to the Whaley House which is one of the most haunted houses in the United States. They offer tours around the area in their Trolleybuses. They have street vendors who create items like airbrushed shirts or personalized name bracelets. They are also home to yearly events including the Art Crafts: Food, Music & Wine as well as Holiday in the Park which features performances and caroling. Parking is free, usually on the street and in large parking lots.

What to do in San Diego with teens

San Diego Birch Aquarium Is The Perfect Place To See

The Birch Aquarium is more than just a home for our marine animals. They have exhibits that offer a great learning experience about certain animals along with education programs for children. They have special tours at an additional price. The best thing they offer is their feeding schedule. Not only can you learn about the animals but you can also watch them get fed and how they eat their food. Admission ranges from $12 for adults, $9 for college students, and $8.50 for children 2-17 years old while children under 2 are free.

Things to do in San Diego with children

La Jolla Beach Is A Great Option

You can do more than swim, tan, and surf at this Pacific Ocean beach. La Jolla Beach offers snorkeling, kayaking, and scuba diving. This pacific beach is ideal if you have children because they have the Children’s Pool and also have the clearest beach water. Parking in the parking lot is free but make sure you abide by the minimum and maximum time limits. Most parking spaces have 2-hour maximums and some have 15-minute maximums.

Children's Pool in La Jolla

Certainly, there is a lot more to see here and if your time allows it, visit as much as you can of San Diego’s landmarks. My personal advice is to ask a San Diegan and take notes because there is a lot more to see in this great place.

Happy Field Tripping!